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The Year Of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry is a biblically based Rights of Passage Ministry that I wish to share with you. This ministry is a 12 month Family Legacy Education Institute (scripturally based from John 1:29-51; Acts 2:41-42 & 4:32) for every age group. The Year of Jubilee is a biblical reference which highlights provisions in maintaining proper God commanded work ethics, life-enhancing social tenets, civil rights, and social justice. This sociological bridge was built for the future of our families from the beneficent and hallowed will of God. I call it A Return to Eden.


The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry is an adaptable ministry. We will come alongside you and enhance what God has entrusted to us both. This ministry is conducive in building a ministry, soul winning, liquidation of existing debt, payoff funds for you and congregants, personal home loans or tuition for your children and many more educational, evangelistic, and economic empowering means. 


I believe The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry will add an increased level of productivity to the practice of ministry because of the Power of God's Word. 


Thanks for signing up for this life-changing experience. 


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