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What is The
Year of Jubilee             
Family Legacy Ministry?

The Year of Jubilee Family Legacy Ministry adapts the plan of The Family Legacy Institute.  The Family Legacy Institute is a 12 Month Christian Education Ministry which extols the redeeming virtue of Evangelism and the family enabling vitality of economic empowerment.

The plan is four-fold and provides:

  •  an answer for the problem of mismanagement

  • a promise with divine assurance

  • a principle from the lips of Jesus

  • a Bible based plan

​The Family Legacy Institute is derived out of the preparatory and prophetic teaching of John the Baptist.

The Holy
Anointing Oil

Consider these frightening financial facts: by 65 years old, 45% of the population will depend on relatives, 30% will be dependent on charities, 23% will be still working, and 2% will be financially independent. The incomes of doctors, lawyers, and most professionals will hit a high by the time they reach between 47 and 48 years old and plunge rapidly after age 54. By age 65, 11 out of 12 women will become widows, 80% of all Americans will owe more than they own, and 20% of their income will be used for consumer debt repayment (Phillip Lowe, Certified Financial Planner). How can you ensure that your story turns out more Biblically Positive?  Read more... 

Breaking Free From Financial Bondage Subscription Ministry

In The News

Since you are a member of a family. I am interested in forging a new and redeeming relationship with you. There are many strongholds which are plaguing us today and the "People of God" must bind together and live in the promised liberty afforded us by God. "Christ has set us free to live a free life." Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you." Read more...

Family Legacy Ministry

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